LIV would be the shared library DHBW, represented on Campus by Studienakademie Heilbronn and the Center for Advanced Studies, and also the University of Heilbronn. The two universities operate the shared library, the Munich Technical University Campus Heilbronn gGmbH along with the German Graduate School gGmbH are connected cooperative. As a result LIV is often a unique in this type pilot project at university species-border cooperation.In Heilbronn LIV includes the libraries on Campus and Campus Sontheim, also the libraries belong towards the other places in the University of Heilbronn and Schwäbisch Hall to LIV. The web pages are connected by means of virtual and logistic systems and enable a complete coverage of greater than 14,000 users with an present of 300,000 physical and electronic media units (books, e-books, e-journals, databases). Info and advisory counters to support info searching and getting.

where LIV desires to become not merely a library, but sees itself as a service provider, supporters and partners. Service for their users – supporters for study, teaching and analysis – partner for other libraries, institutions and for developing customized offers. Numerous options though u. a. e-media lab enables that audiovisual gear having a high-quality recording and production of e-media and e-learning materials.And that implies LIV:find out. Because the initially point of speak to for technical information in real and virtual space, with top quality capabilities and desirable learning and operating spaces, the shared library must turn into a location of exchange and cooperation to produce tangible. Innovative space concepts in analog and virtual kind to become implemented that permit the placement of teaching contents, the widespread discussion and reflection at various stages in the learning method. Altering demands in the mastering processes are supported with revolutionary didactic approaches of teaching and mastering settings, plus a broad portfolio is designed to vary, partly flexible finding out spaces equipped with 600 workstations that let individualized and interactive studying and working conditions nursing capstone project presented. Additionally to group and individual perform places already are variable instruction and multi-purpose rooms and relaxation regions and lounges prepared to create an eye-catching ambience and invite you to try and unwind.

to inform. LIV opened as a university-wide facility to their users access to extensive academic content and diverse

Details selections. The provision of knowledge in physical kind, mainly as printed books and magazines, and making on the market info and information in electronic type, belong for the classical library services. The library supports customers with their technical expertise in screening, evaluation (v. A. The good quality and relevance), compiling and producing available facts and materials within the form of consulting and By combining the Heilbronn University Libraries not just the performance of library information and facts infrastructure has been strengthened. the cooperation relations inside the fields of teaching, study, research and transfer are deepened by a robust anchoring within the all round organization of universities along with a central crucial position of new forms of cooperation be taken as (supply) mediator of your universities involved in the perpetuation of existing and initiation. In the inter-university organization, as a central point of accounts and network partners for all faculties and institutions are so new ideas, projects and collaborations which can be primarily based on frequent techniques arise. Teachers, researchers and students uncover with LIV a place prior to they are able to play on their tips plus the digital and collaborative work attainable.