Electronic Arts and Motive Studios introduced the Star Wars: Squadrons gameplay trailer. In it, the authors briefly talked about the two components of the space simulator – the story campaign and multiplayer.

In single player mode, you will alternately control two pilots: one is fighting for the New Republic, and the other is for the Empire. You can create both protagonists yourself.

According to the game portal Hermit Gamer, the user looks at the world of Squadrons in the first person. The dashboard in the cockpit allows you to find out the necessary information about the laser charge, energy distribution, ship condition and more.

The playing technique is divided into four classes:

  • universal fighters;
  • maneuverable interceptors;
  • support vessels, whose task is to ensure the safety of the allies and supply them with supplies;
  • heavy damage bombers.

In multiplayer, both the pilot and the vessel are allowed to configure. Both cosmetic elements and more than 50 functional details affecting the behavior of the vehicle will be available for the ship.

The multi-player component offers five by five battles in two modes:

  • “Air Fights” is a classic Team Deathmatch. To earn a kill or help a friend in this matter, it is worth using traction rays, mines and turrets.
  • Flotilla Fights is a more complex battle, divided into several stages. First you need to win an air battle in the center of the map, then defend or destroy two medium-sized ships, and in the final, shoot down the enemy flagship or save your own. At each stage, you either attack or defend. Supported game against AI instead of live opponents.

Star Wars: Squadrons kicks off October 2 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Declared support for cross-play. In addition, they promise VR mode on PC and PS4.