Common of your tray are specializations and networking with neighboring disciplines.Location of ??Expertise.The biology observes and describes the types of living beings and their relationships. The aim is always to recognize the biological processes underlying the life from the simplest bacterial cell to humans based. Topic of biology is thus the scientific study of living things and also the laws of living systems, the origin, development, characteristics and diversity of life forms.The scientific advances in biology are massive. The corresponding boost in understanding in recent decades led necessarily specializations. Molecular biology, genetics, neurobiology and also behavioral biology or ecology are part of biology. execute complex difficulties and new applications additionally towards the biology that increasingly with other scientific fields linked: chemistry, biochemistry, physics, life sciences, environmental sciences, mathematics and personal computer science


Studies.Within this curriculum the theoretical fundamentals are taught. The focus is mostly the scientific principles inside the compulsory subjects of physics, chemistry, mathematics and laptop or computer science within the foreground. In internships and project function, students can apply their theoretical information at an early stage. Thematically, the compulsory lectures cover a wide array of zoology, botany and ecology through to improvement, cell, micro and structural biology. Accordingly, it’s not attainable to penetrate deeply into the matter. It is about, applying reword text examples to grasp the fundamental concepts of your respective locations.then available inside the Master’s program’s personal study activities in the center: Apart from comparatively few compulsory lectures it comes to research on their own project and bring the results to a print-ready form. Numerous master’s programs are on the market for a recess for decision.System content and weightings differ from university to university. Therefore, it can be advisable to examine provides very carefully study and plan the transition from bachelor to the preferred master’s program at an early stage.

“I’m nonetheless fascinated by the mechanisms of life.”Situations.Simple requirements to get a degree in biology, additionally to interest within the broad field also interested in standard mathematics, physics and chemistry. Needed are scientific curiosity, logical considering, joy of careful observation, evaluation, structuring and calculating, diligence, perseverance and manual dexterity, communication and teamwork capabilities.needed for the study are also personal computer science know-how and the willingness to discover and apply it. Not to be underestimated is the practical function in the study: Joy of laboratory function will need to be readily available. English will be the international functioning language of biology. Acceptable capabilities are as a result a prerequisite for reading other publications, along with for their own analysis.

doctorate.These in search of a career in study, the study concludes, as a rule using a doctorate. Commonly on a post-doc research followed abroad.Analysis subjects.Every single university has its own university and fakultäre study areas, is also getting researched university across and nationally, some involving external companion institutes. Parallel towards the significant variety of at present existing majors and specializations within the master’s program there can be pretty quite a few research groups. Existing investigation interests consist of biomedical research or functional genomics.Admission, enrollment and baseline.Data on admission to the many universities and for registration as well as the start from the study is usually located at admission, enrollment, baseline.