Developers from Rare Studio released the Ghost Shore update for Sea of ​​Thieves. The main innovation was an event in which players have to fight with the “Fire Blade”, the flagship of the captain Flaming Heart, and his ghostly flotilla.

The authors note that ghost ships are rather flimsy, but use mines floating in the water and powerful afterlife guns. The fight against the new threat is led by the Order of Souls.

According to the game portal Hermit Gamer, the reward is additional gold and increased reputation. In addition, ghost skulls will remain from the captains of the ghost ships, which can be sold to the Order.

Having sunk the “Fire Blade”, players will be able to pick up part of its weapons, including shadow cores, fiery shadow cores and ghost cores. The latter cause significant destruction by the shock wave and rock the enemy ship. Also, after collisions with ghost ships, rare cursed treasures sometimes remain on the surface of the sea.

Anyone who defeats the ghost of the Fireblade 10 times can unlock the sails of this ship, and those who sink 500 ghost ships will get the mysterious sails of the ghostly captain.

As a rule, the “Fire Blade” appears near the islands, however, players will be able to start a clash on request. To do this, you need to contact any representative of the Order of Souls (for those who have reached level 25) or find Duke in any tavern.

Finally, the in-game item store has replenished with new cosmetic items, pets and emotions, and among the gameplay improvements you can find the opportunity to choose songs for playing musical instruments. A complete list of changes is available at the link above.