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If you’re shopping for a new webfilter, classroom manager, or a comprehensive solution for monitoring, reporting, and alerting you about harmful online activities, we are here to help! Send us a quick email. If you’re all set for now, let us know the best time to reach back out… when your subscription(s) are coming due perhaps.


At FilteredNet, we understand that every school has unique needs. That’s why our journey since 1995 has been about more than just providing cutting-edge IT security solutions. It’s about listening to YOU, understanding YOUR challenges, and finding the perfect fit for YOUR district.

Let’s build a safer digital future for your students together!

Andy Chopek

President, FilteredNet

We dive deep into your specific requirements, ensuring we offer not just “a” solution, but the RIGHT solution. We’re a partner in your district’s journey towards a safer, more secure digital environment. With FilteredNet, you’re not just choosing a service; you’re choosing a partner who’s as invested in your students’ safetey and success as you are.

Tom Kalinowski

Vice Presidnet, FilteredNet

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