A WebFilter that can educate, engage & train your parent community

Up-to-the-minute research, advice and support

It takes a community to keep students cyber-safe. Family Zone Community provides tools, resources and ongoing education for parents, teachers and students.

Encourage responsible digital citizenship

Supporting positive online behaviours for your students

Educate parents about cyber safety

Research, advice and support for families

Engage your parent community

Assist admins, superintendents and school media specialists with community outreach

Engage your parent community

Empowering digital parents through guided communication

Directed engagement

Client-specific website for parents feature video, text and other enriched content

Online education and awareness

Online digital parenting course and repostable bi-weekly blog content featuring digital safety news and opinions

App reviews and updates

Timely warning about trending cyber dangers. plus info and advice on the latest apps, games and social media

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