Available on Demand: Take an in depth tour of the Linewize HYBRID-CLOUD WebFilter and “Classwize” Teacher module… on your schedule.

Learn how the Linewize hybrid-cloud WebFilter is helping K12 schools overcome the limitations of an on-prem-only webfilter when it comes to protecting their distance learning devices.

Learn how the Linewize hybrid-cloud approach¬† provides a better way to protect all browsers, across ALL devices (Chrome, Windows, Mac and iOS) both on and off prem, through a single interface. If you have a cloud only web filter today, you are aware of it’s inherent limitations.

Learn how the Linewize “Classwize” for Teachers module allows your teachers to not only see what their students are doing on their school owned devices, but to control what internet content they can & cannot access during class… even while their students are working from home!

FilteredNet has been selling webfilters and I.T. security solutions to K12 schools since 1995. If you are not entirely satisfied with your current web filter or the support provided by the manufacturer, let us help you find a better way!