TeleMate.Net Software feels it is important to address customer recommendations and market trends promptly. NetSpective Version 5.4 introduces our first collaborated feature with Grom Social Enterprises providing socially responsible web media content to children in the K-12 market. Version 5.4 includes Grom Digital Citizenship License and the new category of Self-Harm and Suicide.

If you are still running version 4.x and wish to upgrade to version 5.4 please review the following details: Version 5.4 is available to customers upon request to TeleMate Technical Support, Registration Services, or your NetSpective Sales Representative. The primary reason for the change in process for deploying version 5.4 as compared to prior versions is due to a new user interface, improved handling of Google Services, and enhanced remote agents.

Due to version 5.0 introducing a new interface and adding features that require additional performance. Older appliances designated as Models 6D and 6Q that were purchased more than 6 years ago do not meet the performance requirements. If you have an older model or are not sure please contact Technical Support or your Sales Representative for assistance.

Appliances designated as Model 12D, 12Q, and 12H are compatible with version 5.0 performance requirements, yet as stated in prior notifications are not capable of leveraging all of Version 5.0 Inline or Proxy SSL Inspection capabilities. Models 15R, 15HI and 16HI support all Version 5.0 features, as well as planned road mapped features for the next three years. If clarification is needed please contact TeleMate’s Technical Support or your Sales Representative for assistance. We are here to help.

To address the transition, TeleMate.Net Software is providing several methods for educating administrators and system managers on the new interface. First, easy to follow videos have been created and are available for viewing by navigating to NetSpective Training Videos. Secondly, a private or group based WebEx session can be scheduled to walk through the new user interface and features. Select Schedule a NetSpective Webinar to choose a date and time that works best for your schedule.