[PRESS RELEASE] Linewize Offers its Classroom Management Solution at No Cost to Districts Affected by COVID-19

SAN DIEGO, California – Linewize, a K-12 web filtering solution, is eager to announce that they are offering their classroom management tool, Classwize, for free to school districts affected by COVID-19.

For many schools, closing their doors is an inevitable precaution they are taking to help reduce the risk and spread of the virus. These shutdowns are temporary but for extended periods of time, and will affect the way students learn for the foreseeable future. Linewize’s goal is to help assist districts as they transition to remote learning so that education does not need to stop in the event of a shutdown.

A current Linewize customer and CTO of Rocklin Unified School District said, “When you are looking to transition to a distance learning or home study environment, whether intentionally or unintentionally, having the tools and resources your teachers need is key to an effective roll-out.”

“Planning for potential school closures, our move to Linewize and the use of Classwize as a classroom management tool, is something that gives us comfort and ease of use that is seamless for teachers and parents,” Johnson added. “It’s a tool with such a low threshold for adoption and it was one of our key requests from teachers this year. If you can log in, you can use it right away.”

Teachers will be able to leverage the Classwize technology to manage their students remotely during this time. Classwize offers screen visibility, messaging capabilities, and tab focus control on school-issued or personal devices. With Classwize, teachers can still maintain a level of control even though their students are offsite.

“Today’s forced remote learning is becoming more and more real by the minute. Our technology has the ability to assist districts with remote learning and during these times of uncertainty, we feel it is important for us to be a resource for all districts, not just our customers, with no strings attached. We made the easy decision of offering Classwize for free to those districts in need ”, said Ross Young, Head of North American Operations.

For more information, please visit: https://www.linewize.com/classwize-free

About Linewize:

The Linewize ecosystem is a unique response to the challenge of today’s connected learning environments. The ecosystem aligns a series of products to help districts stay in regulatory compliance, get the most out of their purchased technology, keep kids cyber-safe at school, and impact the parent community by assisting them in raising good digital citizens.