At FilteredNet, we pride ourselves on fostering long-lasting partnerships grounded in trust and confidence with K12 schools across the nation. Since our inception in 1995, we have dedicated ourselves to understanding the unique challenges faced by educational institutions, allowing us to provide tailored internet security solutions that meet their specific needs.

Our Commitment to Customer-Centric Solutions

Our customer-focused approach means every decision we make and every solution we offer is designed with our clients’ needs in mind. We believe in building relationships that emphasize collaboration and mutual growth. This philosophy has enabled us to establish strong, lasting partnerships with schools, ensuring their digital safety and enhancing their educational environments.

Comprehensive Security Solutions

FilteredNet offers a suite of top-tier security solutions, including web filters, classroom management tools, and student online safety monitoring systems. We work closely with industry-leading vendors like Linewize, ContentKeeper, and Blocksi to deliver the best possible solutions. Our rigorous evaluation process ensures that only the most effective and reliable tools are included in our product offerings, providing schools with peace of mind and robust protection against online threats.

Experienced and Dedicated Team

Our team of experts brings decades of experience in sales, marketing, and educational technology. Supported by a dedicated group of professionals, we ensure that our clients receive unparalleled support and guidance. Each team member is committed to understanding the specific needs of the schools we serve, providing personalized recommendations and ongoing assistance.

Building Trust Through Transparency and Reliability

Trust is the cornerstone of our relationships with clients. We believe in maintaining transparency, ensuring that schools are fully informed about the solutions they implement. Our reliable support services and consistent communication help us build and maintain the confidence of our clients, making us a trusted partner in their journey toward digital safety.

Innovation and Adaptation

As technology evolves, so do the needs of K12 schools. FilteredNet is committed to staying ahead of the curve, continuously innovating and adapting our solutions to meet the changing landscape of digital education. We actively seek feedback from our clients to improve our offerings and ensure that we provide the most relevant and effective tools for their needs.

Empowering Schools to Thrive

Our ultimate goal is to empower schools to create safe and secure learning environments where students can thrive. By providing comprehensive internet security solutions and exceptional customer service, we help schools focus on their primary mission: educating and nurturing the next generation.

Join the FilteredNet Family

We invite you to join the FilteredNet family and experience the benefits of a partnership built on trust, confidence, and a shared commitment to excellence. Whether you are looking for advanced web filtering, classroom management tools, or student safety monitoring solutions, FilteredNet is here to support you every step of the way.

For more information about our services or to schedule a consultation, visit our website at and discover how we can help your school achieve its digital safety goals.


By focusing on building lasting partnerships and providing reliable, cutting-edge solutions, FilteredNet continues to be a trusted ally for K12 schools nationwide. Join us in our mission to enhance digital safety and create a secure educational environment for all students.


FilteredNet has been selling webfilters and I.T. security solutions to K12 schools since 1995.

We work with I.T. security vendors covering a range of internet security services including webfilters, classroom managers and student-online monitoring/alerting tools by vendors such as Linewize by FamilyZoneContentKeeper and Blocksi.

To learn more about our services, or schedule a demo contact us today.